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Founder of Men’s Grooming Brand Fresh Heritage Talks New Acquisition with E-commerce Company BRANDED

Three years ago, we introduced our audience to Gamal Codner and his new Black men's lifestyle brand, Fresh Heritage.

Fresh Heritage is a personal care company that solves modern-day grooming problems for men of color by providing high-quality, chemical-free grooming products. The brand was inspired by the grooming traditions of the African Ancestors that Gamal and his brother, Jamil Codner, learned while on a trip to Africa. After that trip, they wanted to create a product that would allow men of color to look and feel like their best selves at all times.

While influencing the culture and inspiring men to be their best selves, the brand has grown and has now been acquired by BRANDED, an E-commerce company focused on consumer packaged goods. This partnership will allow the brand to rapidly increase its operations and reach while its founders remain on board to focus on new product development and community engagement.

During our recent interview, when Gamal was asked why it was important to partner with Branded, he said, "One of the biggest reasons my COO (Natarcia Codner) and I decided to partner with them is because they shared our same values of creating a very safe space for men of color. And they did not want to go away from that, they wanted to support it more compared to some of the other people that we were considering partnering with. So Fresh Heritage will continue to be the spot and community for like-minded, growth-oriented men of color, where you could get grooming products and learn how to show up the best in your life."

Since entrepreneurship is a large part of the community they serve, Fresh Heritage and Gamal have not only been creating great products but have also been using their business acumen to help build other aspiring entrepreneurs.

In addition to hosting empowerment-based conversations, Fresh Heritage also supports nonprofits including the Emerging 100 of Atlanta (co-founded by Fresh Heritage CEO) by donating a portion of its profits to support scholarship programs and student initiatives. "We sponsor nonprofits in the Greater Atlanta community and we participate in talks and entrepreneurship roundtables and discussions to help inspire," Gamal shares.

You will soon be able to find Fresh Heritage online at retailers such as Amazon but can order products from them now on their website.


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