The Dos and Don'ts of Dating After Divorce

My ex-wife’s absence created a huge void in my life after my divorce in 2015. I didn’t know who I was or how I was supposed to be because my identity had been inextricable with my role as husband. With nothing but time on my hands to be miserable, my natural and most obvious recourse was to date to fill the void and ease the pain with the company and affection of women.

I quickly learned that the real world, aka “The Streets,” was filled with people who were in just as much pain as I was. Like me, they were traumatized and lowkey bitter. Like me, they were broken and looking for someone to not only help them put the pieces back together but to hold them in place. My self-esteem was in the trash, my energy was low, and all I knew was what I had lost. Because of all this, I was not a good person to date. Outside of friends and family, I didn't need to be around anyone new. I decided to take a timeout from dating and make time for myself before getting back out there.

Date and Love Yourself First