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#YourMusicYourMoney Series in Atlanta Educates Future Music Execs on Rights and Royalties

Songwriters, producers, artists, and a variety of Atlanta-based music creators were offered an opportunity to increase their pockets for the holidays with a sprinkle of holiday education and a ton of hidden gems to set their careers up for life, this past weekend!

The Mezzo Agency, a Black-owned publishing services company located in Atlanta, partnered with BMI, one of the largest performance rights organizations on the globe, to offer complimentary one-on-one sessions to properly educate future music industry leaders at the inaugural #YourMusicYourMoney weekend session. The 2-hour session featured Tami Latrell, owner of the TMA, and Reggie Stewart, BMI executive, who passionately explain the ins and outs of music royalties, publishing and an overall understanding of how to claim unaccounted funds that might be owed to them via a variety of musical-leaning verticals. "Personally, this experience was amazing," said Eli Johnson, an attendee from Saturday's experience. "With being new to the music industry, I’m glad I was able to receive all of this insight from two very influential game-changers. Most times, we as creators don’t have the knowledge required or have the access to all the tools we need in order to be truly successful so it was very exciting to have this opportunity. So much knowledge flowed through the room,“ he continues.

The Mezzo Agency plans to make a solid impact on Atlanta's music industry by continuing its weekend series. While talented creators are embedded in the blueprint of Atlanta, many of them are unaware of the hundreds of ways to monetize their creations.

For more information, visit The Mezzo Agency Online.

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