Turned Gentleman: The Game's Vaughn Hebron

From pharmaceutical sales to Hollywood, actor Vaughn Hebron always knew he was poised to take over Tinseltown.

After making the big leap from the corporate world, and moving to Atlanta, it was within the span of 24 hours that he was cast in his first short film. "Working in corporate, I wasn't fulfilled," Hebron says about his journey to Hollywood. "I was always a fan of movies and television, so when I was figuring out what I wanted to do, I decided to take an acting class," he says. As he continued to figure it out, it wasn't until being laid off that Vaughn got serious about his craft. "My old job offered me another job days after being laid off but I was enjoying acting and decided against it." After taking his severance package, Hebron was off to Atlanta.

"I booked my first role the day that I moved to Atlanta, and eight months later I moved to LA." During those early days of his career, the rough patches were there but for Hebron, having an outlook on life that everything, positive or negative, happens for a reason and leads you to where you are supposed to be has helped him when those moments of self-doubt showed up."It is all about perspective," Hebron says about the challenges he has faced. That perspective came at a young age for the actor, who is the oldest of 9 siblings. "The fundamental lessons that I learned from my mother and stepfather helped me become disciplined, they had high standards, and I took those standards during my corporate days and now in Hollywood."