Netflix’s 'The Harder They Fall', The Western That Exemplifies Black Cowboys

Real Black cowboys did exist, do exist and can be found in front of your very eyes. Just take Glynn Turman for example. When Beyonce released her latest athleisure clothing collection, IVY x PARK Rodeo, we saw the legendary actor suited up in his cowboy gear photographed at his ranch. From our recent Style Issue, we learned that cowboy culture was embedded in Glynn's upbringing.

When you think of old country westerns, there is definitely an image that pops in your head and it’s not in “color.” Normally, you picture a gang of white men running around a saloon, shooting each other, getting drunk and degrading women. But a lot of us have recently come to find out that it's one story being told. The Harder They Fall tells another story, which focuses on Black cowboys and cowgirls seeking revenge and fighting for love.

The Harder They Fall follows an outlaw named Nat Love (Jonathan Major), as he seeks revenge on his enemy, Rufus Bucks (Idris Elba), who he learned recently got out of prison. The film is a fictional story but emphasizes the fact that Black cowboys do exist. The Neo-Western is filled with everything from hila