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Why the Modern Gentleman Shouldn't Stop Studying Even After Graduating?

Graduation is an important milestone; it sums up the academic pursuit in a young person’s life and opens up a door to new frontiers we were only new existed but never experienced personally. The never-ending cycle of change in the world, however, seldom makes the postgraduation period calm and easy but rather makes it even more turbulent.

According to national statistics, more than 45 percent of college graduates continue to pursue an academic career, while the rest try to land a decent job according to their vocation. Nevertheless, the fact that one’s done with college or high school doesn’t mean that they’ve met the end of their education as millions of people all over the world sign up for different individual or group courses to enhance their level of learning.

The thicker the resume the better the chance to land a decent job

Having a necessary degree for a job doesn't guarantee that you'll snatch that position after the job interview. Numerous factors decide whether or not a person is the best fit for any company. Among many deciding factors, additional education and specialized courses are perhaps the most important aspects of a person’s resume. It’s not easy to imagine that a research institute would hire a person that would go to a college and ask, “Could you please write my lab report for me?” because their writing skills are that bad or they aren’t fluent in the language required for the report. In today's market, a good employee is multitalented and able to deal with peripheral tasks along with main job requirements.

Therefore, to expand your chances of getting the job you like or need, it's best to have a few more traits on your resume because that could very well place you in front of the competition. Moreover, with a wider skill set you have a better platform to demand a higher salary because you have more to bring to the table, the company can profit from your expertise.

Knowledge evolves and so must we

When the Turkish revolution took place, one of the main changes in the newly-formed country included the change of national script, which made virtually everyone in the country illiterate so grownups, many of whom owned a college degree had to learn reading and writing from the start. Also, whenever a major scientific discovery takes place, the entire scientific community has to adapt to those changes and adapt their knowledge base to new circumstances.

When computers became a standard piece of office equipment a large part of the workforce all over the world needed the training to keep their jobs or risk unemployment otherwise. Those who didn’t wait for these measures to become mandatory and already had some computer knowledge were in a much better position than their colleagues and even got promoted solely due to the fact they were proficient in basic computer skills. The need to keep track of the changes in science, technology, or any other work-related practice is generated by our employers’ need for workers that are in line with the latest industry requirements.

With more skills up our sleeves, we can choose between more job options

Although it’s pretty much impossible to be the jack of all trades, it's still quite useful to have more than one skill in your professional cabinet. It’s not a secret that as technology moves on, numerous professions become obsolete and new jobs become available for those who have the necessary skills. This is one of the most important reasons why a gentleman should always look for a way to stay competitive and avoid getting overrun by a new tech or a massive shift in the industry.

In the last 50 years, hundreds of jobs became extinguished due to technological advancements, political, and social changes in the world. Furthermore, according to some predictions, in the next ten years, more than 800 million workers around the world will have to reinvent themselves because their positions will get canceled on account of the automation process. As the online industry grows, the market becomes globalized and employees need to be fluent in more than one language so they could communicate with foreign partners, which makes learning new languages an important aspect of every gentleman’s personal and professional growth.

To live is to learn, as the old saying goes which means that whether we liked it or not, we learn new things throughout our lives. Encompassing new knowledge makes us more attractive on the job market but also gives us a higher level of self-esteem. College is not the end of our education; it represents the start of a fresh learning period where there are no correctional exams.

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