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4 Tips for Clean & Fog-Free Running Sunglasses

Running is a great sport that has exploded in fame over the past decades. With more and more people seeking to lose weight and get in shape, you can now spot many running on pavements. This is a fun exercise with numerous gains. However, you need the right accessories, and sunglasses are a perfect example. They will guard your eyes against UV rays and dust, and it’s advisable to keep them clean at all times.

Why do I need running sunglasses?

Running glasses can help improve your performance and eye health. They guard your eyes in different weather conditions and keep dust and insects at bay. These can distract you leading to falls and inquires. These running accessories enable you to see the path ahead, and this works best when running in rough terrains or early mornings.

Besides, if you can’t spot hidden dangers, you can easily trip and fall, leading to injuries. What’s more, it can be tricky running in hot weather if you lack quality sunglasses. They help guard your eyes against harsh UV rays, which can harm your eyes. However, it’s vital to choose quality sunglasses. To learn more about the styles and lens types, visit and make a wise selection.

How can I best clean& avoid foggy running sunglasses?

1. Dry clean

Dry cleaning is a quick fix to dirty sunglasses. It gets rid of fingerprints and slight staining, and you can do this using the included textile bag. Wipe carefully and don’t exert excessive pressure to avoid scratching the lens. Moreover, breathe on the lens and wipe again with the textile bag.

2. Have them adjusted

If your sunglasses are too tight, make you uncomfortable, or you wear them for long, consider having them adjusted by an expert. Tight sunglasses hinder air circulation and encourage fogging. Again, they are too loose to your face and lack adequate space for better airflow. This makes it difficult for them to alleviate heat and moisture, leading to fogging.

3. Anti-fog spray works!

One of the most effective ways to avoid fogging is using an anti-fog spray. Splash it on the lenses when going out for a run and wipe it off. The chemical in the spray minimizes fogginess and acts as a shield.

Can I tell you more? These sprays are easy to carry around, and you can always put them in your bag when going for sporting activities. Also, they are inexpensive but will give your sunglasses a quick clean.

4. Use dishwashing soap

Regular dishwashing soap works wonders when it comes to cleaning sport sunglasses. It’s very effective and will leave your sunglasses sparkling. To get excellent results, wash your hands thoroughly and towel dry them before cleaning your glasses. Run the glasses under warm tap water and wet them thoroughly.

Drop a few drops of the dishwashing liquid on the lens and rub all areas, including the frame and arms. Be gentle, and don’t scrub. Once done, rinse them under running water and dry them with a lint-free cloth.

It’s easy to clean and stop fogging in your running sunglasses. Once you understand the tricks and hacks, you’ll have clean sunglasses and enjoy improved performance. Therefore clean your sunglasses often using the tips mentioned above, and consider upgrading to polarized sunglasses.

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