Leonard Robinson Talks the Final Season of Insecure, Divine Nine Controversy and More

Insecure is back! The hit HBO series premiered its fifth and final season on October 24.

Kicking off at the homecoming at their alma mater, Stanford University, Issa, Molly, Tiffany and Kelli were all back together living their lives. With so much to unpack after the episode, we solicited some help from one of the actors of the hit show.

Leonard Robinson plays Taurean Jackson, Molly’s eager coworker who she began working with in season 3 when she went to the “Black” law firm. We’ve seen him throughout the series and are expected to see him during the final season. We spoke with him as we recapped the first episode, where he shares insight on Molly and Taurean’s relationship, the controversy of Tiffany wearing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated paraphernalia and more.

On the potential for Taurean and Molly to have more than a working relationship, Leonard says we will have to wait and see.

It's so funny that there's a lot of theories on that. And I don't know where they get that from because I have a different experience with the show. I'm a big antagonist in season three that forces her to go on a