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From Behind the Camera to the Main Stage, JKing Solidifies His Spot in R&B With New Project

Joshua King got his start in the entertainment industry over 10 years ago, using his expertise in marketing to create successful campaigns for some of our favorite artists. Having success with such acts as Travis Porter, Sammie, Dondria, LaTocha Scott, BJ the Chicago Kid, Tiffany Evans, and more, he has proven he has the skills behind the scenes, now he aims to do the same as JKing, the singer. With encouraging pushes from his friends and maximizing his time during the pandemic, last year he decided to put pen to paper and recorded his first song Is You, a Christmas smash.

I recently had the chance to sit down with JKing to talk about his love for music, his experiences in life and industry as well as his new project, '90s F*ck It Vibes, which will be released this Friday.

One question I wanted to know was when did JKing decide to go full force into singing. "A lot of people in my circle have been an advocate of me being an artist," he shares. "I think they've seen the talent there but I've focused my energy on being behind the scenes helping other people. But now, I feel like the dark knight. By day I'm marketing different brands and different clients and by night I'm performing, in rehearsal or on tour with Kevin Ross."

I wondered if he felt like working with other artists on tour, in the studio, and creating campaigns for their success prepared him for this moment or if he was more focused on it now? "I just really feel like God is always going to show you what you'll be doing before you're actually doing it. From the perspective that I had, I thought I was strategizing and coming up with plans and ideas and marketing Ideas and publicity tours for other people but there is some divinity in there where he probably was preparing me to understand what I wanted it to look like and prepare me to do it the way that I know I need to express myself. That's a blessing and I'm excited about that," he explains.

"When it comes to the release, be prepared to enjoy "great vibes, great singing, some great collaborations, some crazy production, and what they can expect coming up is authentically me," says JKing.

With a life full of possibilities, you never know what you'll see JKing doing next but be sure that whatever it is, it'll be great and he'll give it his all. He is currently on tour with Kevin Ross so be sure to check him out on social media for any upcoming concert dates. Stream '90s F*ck It Vibes here.

See the full interview below.

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