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Dyllón Burnside Releases Visuals For ‘Heaven’ featuring Daley

Dyllón Burnside has not let any grass grow up under his feet since bursting onto the scene in FX's original program Pose.

He recently released the visual for his newly released single, Heaven, featuring British singer-songwriter Daley. The single was originally released in June 2021 and is a celebration of love in the LGBTQ community. Dyllón’s Christian upbringing exposed him to anti-gay sentiments as a child. This would eventually give way to the creative expounding on his beliefs and channeling his traumas to share a perspective that not only challenges the narratives suggesting queer love is “wrong” or “bad,” but additionally celebrates the beauty of LGBTQ love and relationships. Take a listen to the song and let us know what you think.

Check out Heaven below.


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