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8 Car Engine Maintenance Tips

A car's engine is indeed the most major element. But a majority of the time we do not take care of it. We hop into the seat, turn the key, and head out. We only notice that something is wrong with the engine only when the situation gets extreme. When the car starts making sounds we are not familiar with or when it feels a little different to ride, are the only times we care to look into it.

Car engines need to be looked after from time to time. It is vital to check up on it now and then to keep the car running in a good condition. If you are someone who rides a car a lot or someone interested in a car repair career, you will soon learn that car engine issues are among the most common and expensive problems.

Hearing that the engine of your car is damaged or broken is heartbreaking especially if regular maintenance could have prevented the problem. So, here are some car maintenance tips that will help you keep your car healthy. You may also pass down these tips to your future clients.


To keep the car engine running efficiently, the importance of maintenance cannot be emphasized more. Whether you are advising a customer on how to keep their car running for a longer time or assisting in running their old car for a few more years, maintenance tips come in handy.

Here are some car maintenance tips to help you keep your car running smoothly for a long time:


Changing the engine oil of your car is the least you can do to keep it healthy. The engine oil not only keeps all the moving parts of your car well lubricated, but also keeps all the dust, dirt, and sediments out of place. This helps in avoiding wear and tear of the vital parts.

The level of engine oil should be checked every month. In case it is low, it should be filled up. On the other hand, the oil filter should be cleaned at regular intervals to keep the oil junk away.


Running the same car for years creates a layer of crap that should not reach the engine. It is formed at the bottom of your tank due to the sediments contained in the petrol. When you run the car on low fuel, the engine pulls this junk into the pump which can lead to wear and tear.

To avoid this problem, you may top up your tank and save yourself the replacement cost.


The engine of a car is made up of metals and alloys which are not very good friends with the heat. Because a lot of energy is released during combustion in the form of heat, it is important to ensure that there is ample coolant in the tank for heat dissipation.

For this, a 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water is ideal. You may also look at the engine temp gauge on a hot day and shut the car down if it is close to overheating.


Similar to a car filter, a fuel filter also clears out the junk from the engine. It prohibits entry into the combustion chamber that is essential to keep the car running smoothly. By replacing the filter when it has reached its limits, allows for free flow of fuel into the pump and engine.

A spark plug in the engine ignites the air-fuel mixture in the FabAuto Liner cylinder just like a fire starter. Its regular maintenance or replacement ensures that the engine retains its spark.


Checking for leaks is another tip that helps you maintain your car for a long time. Whenever you pull the car out of the driveaway, always check the floor for any fluid. In case it is leaking, visit the nearest mechanic or call one to get it fixed.

Alternatively, you may also check under the car hood for engine oil and antifreeze leaks.


When the car engine runs, it is the rubber belts that link together to keep everything in tune. If you hear a squeal coming from under the hood, know that it is time to replace the belts.

So, check the rubber belts for any cracks and signs of tear. Even though they work fine for a long time, they can cause damage to the engine components if they break while the car is running.

Additionally, you may also put cylinder sleeves into the engine block to prevent any damage.


The check engine light in your car is its subtle cry for help which tells you that something is wrong. It is a self-diagnosis that protects your engine from future damage. As soon as you see this light, contact your mechanic to get the car inspected.

Though the problem is not serious every time, you will not know about it unless you get the car inspected.


Just like a human being, a car also needs rest and some time to breathe at peace. It needs oxygen just as much as you do. If the airflow in your car is constricted, it might cause increased emissions and reduced mileage.

You can let your car breathe by cleaning its air filter for dust and debris, now and then.

An engine is the most vital part of a car that demands regular maintenance. Keeping these checks in mind will help you keep your car healthy for a long time and save a ton of money on repairs.

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Yana Tugova
Yana Tugova
Aug 17, 2022

Hello, I would recommend checking your car regularly for breakdowns. Recently my car broke down on a trip and I asked for coilovers parts, they picked me up quality parts at an affordable price. Have a great day!

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