Top 3 Hairstyles for Men Inspired by The Weeknd

Photo: La Mar C. Taylor, courtesy of UMG

Abel Tesfaye, popularly known in the music industry as The Weeknd, is known for his unique voice and style that has gained him millions of fans worldwide. Yet, aside from his music and singing ability, he is also known for his ever-evolving hairstyles across the years.

The Weeknd’s hairstyle evolution is a genuine attraction. From locks, afros, to twists, The Weeknd has featured in several music videos of him wearing very unusual hairstyles that many consider as the best haircuts for black men.

Here we’ve put together our take on the top three hairstyles inspired by The Weeknd.

The Dreadlocks with High Skin Fade

The Weeknd is well-known for his long, messy dreadlocks. Yet, there’s this hairstyle often regarded as forming a “palm tree” shape. In the music video for The Hills from the album Beauty Behind the Madness, The Weeknd sported high-top dreadlocks with high skin fade in what many hairstylists considered as The Weeknd’s signature and most unconventional haircut.

This particular hair combination of a high top with an undercut can be styled easily and looks fantastic, wildly when dreadlocks are styled in twists or when tied high up. So if you’re looking into getting The Weeknd’s vibe, this is a great answer!