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Wu-Tang: An American Saga’s Siddiq Saunderson Taps into a Familiar Style

Siddiq Saunderson got his big break when he was cast to play Dennis Coles aka D-Lover, who would professionally become known as Ghostface Killah, in the hit Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

On the heels of season two, Siddiq has settled into his role while discovering the similarities between him and the living legend he is currently playing. They both value family, honor, loyalty, and respect, and a good pair of Wallabee Boots. With fashion and wardrobe being a major part of bringing any character to life, we wanted to know how that process has worked for Siddiq in becoming the Wu-Tang member. Ghostface was very big on Wallabee’s in the 1990s and that wasn’t initially something Siddiq wore in his day-to-day life. After playing the character, he found himself purchasing a pair and adding it to his own personal style. You may now see him wearing his Wallabees with some cargo pants and a graphic t-shirt.

“Fashion and style is the way that people express themselves and so, in turn, it’s how characters express themselves. For Ghostface, in seasons one and two, he wore a lot of simple patterns like white, gray, and earth tone t-shirts, which reflect who he is, down to earth. He’s not super flashy if he’s out hustling trying to make money,” Siddiq shares. He admits that in certain scenes he had a vision of items of clothing he wanted to wear but had to remember who he was playing and had to ask himself the question, “Does this serve the story being told”? As the budget for the show increased so did the pieces wardrobe had to offer. Siddiq would add a bit of modern flair to complement the vintage items and bring him up to today’s fashion.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Siddiq has always been drawn to the quintessential New York 90’s style and the streetwear culture that was developed during that time, which was reflected in our interview with the fitted cap and chain that he wore. “The essence of that style exists within my style,” says Siddiq. Being an artist, he has always indulged in fashion. He was a big fan of the hit show Project Runway, where he enjoyed the many challenges and learned how to put different pieces together. He was always a sneakerhead which included Jordans that he would match to his shirts but grew out of it and got more into the mixing of items. “I want my style to be a reflection of me and I’ve been learning to relax into my style. I’ve realized that the people who are celebrated in the fashion industry are normally people who wear things that are comfortable to them. I wear things that are interesting to look at but they need to be comfortable, they need to be practical,” says Siddiq.

When it comes to style while traveling, there are 2 types of people; those who feel that walking through the airport is a fashion show and those who feel like I just want to make my flight and be comfortable. Siddiq puts all his focus into being comfortable but still fashionable. “The clothes that I buy are stylish to me and fit my vibe so even if it is a lowkey type of vibe, I still look like something. If I am going to travel, I will definitely have a hoodie because it’s always going to be cold somewhere.”

To sum it all up Siddiq had this to say, “Fashion within life is a tool of storytelling and especially when you see it on the screen it’s going to help enhance the story as it is in life.”

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Photo Credit: Evan Mulling

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