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Singer/Songwriter Vedo Talks About His New Album, Mentorship From Usher and Fatherhood

You may be familiar with singer/songwriter Vedo when he rose to fame on the hit show The Voice. Chosen and mentored by the legendary Usher for over 8 years, Vedo has created a brand that will stand the test of time. His hit single You Got it is slowly climbing double-platinum status, he's writing for artists such as Usher and Chris Brown, and also releasing his new album, 1320.

2013 was an exciting and sad year for the singer. During that year, he was a contestant on The Voice and also the year he lost his mother to lung cancer. He admits that this was one of the darkest moments in his life " I found myself mistreating people who didn't need to be mistreated". I didn't care. I was hurt" It took me 7 years to come up out of that black hole," says Vedo. 2020 was the year his daughter was born and gave him a new lease on life. Throughout the entire time, one thing he never did was give up on music. We had the chance to chat with him about some of the highlights in his journey and why R&B Really isn't dead.

Vedo also shared with us the reason why he remains an independent artist and refuses to sign with a record label.

When I saw how these labels do the artists signed to them. These labels don't care about these artists if they don't make them any money. I saw this first hand with some of my friends who were signed to major labels. If it didn't work the first time they get shelved and can't put anything out. Their fanbase dies, their artist dies and the passion dies. The second thing was I saw how much the record labels were making and how much the artists were making. I couldn't grasp the concept of somebody else owning something I created from a place that no one would really understand.

You've heard the phrase R&B is dead, and I asked Vedo how that made him feel.

It makes me get in the studio to show them it ain't dead. The reason R&B is dead to people is they are just not listening. I think one of the big things that took the light off of R&b is when rappers started singing with the autotune. Now singers really have to prove that they are singing. Another thing is that R&B is also the only genre when artists don't collab.

Check the interview out below.

Download or stream 1320 now.

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