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'Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood' Star Chase Brown is Leaving No Stone Unturned

There’s no limit to the things you can accomplish especially when you’re having fun while doing it! Chase Brown, youth sensation, Birmingham, Alabama native, and budding star just keeps on getting better. His journey from commercials to television series, and now movies continue to show both his growth and range as an actor. The spotlight has been shining down on Brown for quite some time now, but his success has not just happened overnight. While continuing to carve out his own path in the entertainment industry, Brown still enjoys just being a kid and all that comes with it.

Acting was just something he wanted to try out four years ago and since then it has opened many doors along the way. Brown had the opportunity to not only meet Tyler Perry but also star in the television series Ruthless. Brown stated that working with Tyler Perry was fun and he learned a lot while interacting with him. Brown has also worked with big-name producers like Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams when he played the role of ‘Young Atticus Freeman’ in the astounding HBO series Lovecraft Country. Brown stated that while shooting for television series and movies he’s able to meet new people and make new friends because he’s typically around them for long periods at a time.

Most recently, Brown played the role of a young student in an underfunded school, where the head school board member is stealing money in the film Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood. Ultimately, Brown and his friends come together to put an end to the board members' scam. He admitted that the toughest part of shooting this film was that he had to depart from his castmates, and most importantly, friends following the film’s completion.

Brown credits his success to his parents who are his biggest influencers. His parents have always instilled in him just how important it is to not only take your professional career seriously but to make sure your academics and schoolwork come first. He takes his education very seriously simply because he wants to leave no stone unturned as he embarks on future aspirations. His mom, who is also his manager or “Momager” as he likes to say, has always made that a top priority.

Being a 12-year-old actor comes with a lot of pressure, however, Brown demonstrates his eagerness to not only be a successful young man, but most of all, a young African American male who in the eyes of many is seen as a role model. When Brown is not on the road or filming, he enjoys the simpler things in life, which include swimming, playing basketball, getting ice cream, along with fishing and playing with friends.

Currently adjusting to a new school, Brown stated that it has been a smooth transition to making new friends. As he continues to expand his career, some future goals he has set for himself include working with Michael B. Jordan who he looks up to after seeing the role he played in Black Panther as Killmonger along with the role he played in Creed, which just so happens to be one of his favorite movies. Working with Kevin Hart is also on Brown’s to-do list in the future.

Having the strong support of his parents, family and friends, Brown has no plans of slowing down and is looking forward to the commercials, television series, movies he’ll appear in the near future. Producing and directing are also career paths he’ll be looking into as he grows his professional portfolio.

Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood is now streaming on Tubi.

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