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What It's Like Living in Charlotte, North Carolina

There are many reasons people have decided to move to Charlotte, including the reasonable cost of living which is slightly below the national average, and a thriving job market. If you've been feeling the call to do the same by purchasing one of the Charlotte houses for sale, you might want to have a better idea of what it will actually be like to live in the "Queen City."

The Cost of Living

As mentioned, many come to Charlotte for the lower cost of living. The rents alone are nearly 49 percent lower than New York City, according to Numbeo. While average home prices are on the rise, they're still cheaper than many areas of the country at around $350,000.

You'll also pay less for dining out with the average three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant $66, whereas in NYC it will run you around $100, and in San Francisco just over $82. Utility bills tend to be less, averaging around $150 a month for electricity, heating, cooling, garbage, and water. Transportation and groceries are less too.

Types of Jobs

Charlotte has a very strong job market, one of the many reasons so many have decided to call it home. The financial services industry is one of the biggest, with this city taking the lead in banking behind New York City, competing for second place with San Francisco, but Charlotte usually gets the nudge thanks to Bank of America, the area's largest bank by assets.

Manufacturing, health care, insurance, and transportation are all hot job markets too. Plus, local businesses have to compete for the best workers due to the low employment rate so you're more likely to get that offer you've been looking for.

The Dining Scene

You might be surprised to learn that Charlotte can even compete with San Francisco and NYC when it comes to its dining scene. There are many establishments that draw foodies to enjoy everything from Southern comfort fare to quality sushi and even vegan and vegetarian cuisine. There are so many options it would take you nearly a lifetime to try them all.

Barbecue is big here; in fact, it's even said to date back to the 16th-century along the state's coast. Some say this city was home to the very first barbecue restaurant. In 1899, a classified ad in the Charlotte Observer promoted one that was called "the only barbecuer" in the city and whether that's a rumor or a fact, there's no doubt that you will find some of the tastiest barbecue here.

Sports and Adventure

Charlotte is a hub for NASCAR, home of the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. But this city also hosts multiple sports teams like the NFL's Carolina Panthers and the NBA Charlotte Hornets, both of which have stadiums in the convenient Uptown neighborhood making it easy to catch a game after work.

When it comes to outdoor adventure the offerings are many too, but the most notable might be the U.S. National Whitewater Center. Located on the outskirts of the city, it provides endless thrills with its pumps able to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool in under 10 seconds.


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