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Gary Michael Houston is Creating Music His Way and Marking His Own Legacy

Let’s be clear when you hear the name Houston, you automatically think of Whitney and Cissy Houston. It's no secret the talent these women had in the music industry, the mark they made, the history they created. However, Gary Michael Houston is not conforming to what society or the industry feels his life should look like based on his lineage.

This is a men’s centered publication, and we highlight the history, the legacy, and showcase the talent of powerful men of color. Gary Michael Houston not only creates his own lane, but he sticks true to it no matter the pressure. As an indie artist, this creative genius, who is known as the Frank Sinatra of Chic Soul, creates music that resonates with his particular audience who feels his sound because they relate to his sound, especially the sound of his latest EP Pride & Prejudice. He’s creating a path and making a mark on the industry all on his own accord.

You are deemed the Frank Sinatra of chic soul, contemporary hip hop, and R&B because of your big band/bop fare. How does it feel to be compared to one of the greatest musicians of all time?

It’s an honor, plain and simple because I’m a huge fan of that era, the style, the sound, and the personalities. It’s a huge honor for me!

Being unmotivated by fame and creating your own artistic expression, it’s no secret that you’re a part of the iconic Houston family. How do you as a musician and individual aspire to set yourself in your own lane and build your own legacy?

Honestly, I just do what feels good, and what feels right. I’m not pushing some corporate agenda, nor do I feel any pressure about my lineage or some stranger warped idea of what my life should be or look like. The music I make is the by-product of life lessons. Success is relative to what you truly seek. I’m just doing what makes me feel good, which makes others feel the same way because they all can relate. I’m doing what I’ve always known. I’m going to keep doing what I love.

Tell me the inspiration behind your latest EP “Pride & Prejudice”. What sets this project apart from the rest of your work, especially during these trying times of the pandemic.

It’s the most colorful and cohesive project I’ve done to date. It is inspired by love and the loss of it. It’s about a man who is having the worst time of his life because all his best memories are with a woman he can’t be with. He comes to grips with his mistakes and seeks her forgiveness. In the process, he learns how to forgive himself.

We are in a time where the culture of people of color matters tremendously. How does your music contribute to the cause and the culture of black music?

I think diversity within the culture itself is always needed. I feel that when and how I choose to release my music and the combination of visuals, vocalization, media, and performance raises the bar in terms of the indie creative. It’s an extreme amount of quality and creativity accompanied by absolute truth.

You can find Gary's latest EP Pride & Prejudice streaming on all music platforms. Follow him on Instagram.


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