Actor Jaden Michael Says Playing a Young Colin Kaepernick Taught Him How to Speak Up for Himself

Photo credit: Marcus Smith/Netflix

Many of us didn’t know Colin Kaepernick when he was in high school but after Jaden Michael’s portrayal of the activist in Colin in Black & White, you may think you have. The 18-year-old Afro-Latino actor is not new to tv with starring roles in Vampires vs. The Bronx and Wonderstruck but being cast in Netflix's limited series about Kaepernick's life may be his most important role.

We recently spoke with Jaden about playing the NFL quarterback, how he prepared for the role and what he hopes viewers will take from the series.

What some of the similarities between you and Colin Kaepernick were at that age?

There were some similarities. We're both biracial teens in America and trying to pursue a professional career at a young age. And that way we share some personality traits. Just having that dedication and focus. But there's a lot of things that we don't have. Like I believe he's far more confident than I am and a load of other things.

We learned so much about Colin and his upbringing specifically in the series. What was the most interesting thing you learned about him that you didn't know?