Hulu's Wu-Tang: an American Saga Newcomer Uyoata Udi is Ready to Make an Impact

Audiences of season 1 of Hulu's Wu-Tang: An American Saga have called season 2 a triumph. And the show about Bobby Diggs, who strives to unite a dozen young Black men who are torn between music and crime but eventually rise to become the unlikeliest of American success stories, continues to raise the bar every Wednesday when new episodes are available for streaming. For new cast member Uyoata Udi, who plays legendary rapper Inspectah Deck, this show is relatable and resonates with all that America can be.

We caught up with the Hollywood newcomer to talk about his new role, his Hollywood legacy and more.

Congrats on your first magazine cover for Black Pepper Magazine. How do you feel about all that is happening in your career? You have your first cover this is your first show as a series regular.

I’m grateful! Honored to have major opportunities such as this show. It’s as though God has shined a peculiar light and it’s shining on me and through me.

Now you are portraying Inspectah Deck this season, tell us about your character and why was this a great role for you to take on?

Deck is a member of The Wu-Tang Clan. In this season, we get to see more of his story and the struggles he’s had to face. In researching Deck, I discovered a lot of similarities between him and I. One thing that I remember was Deck mentioning