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The Morning Show’s Desean Terry Talks About the Parallels of Season 2 and the Media Industry

Season 2 of Apple TV's award-winning drama The Morning Show, kicked off earlier this month, and for Desean Terry, this season his character, Daniel, is coming for what he is owed. The new season was a challenge for the crew and cast as Covid-19 affected many productions in Hollywood. Season 2 also adapts to the times and shows Daniel and his co-workers addressing COVID-19 as well as systemic oppression in media.

"I am attracted to the fantasy element of The Morning Show," Desean tells us in our recent interview. "What makes it great TV, is how much that little bit is grounded in reality," he continues about the success of the hit drama. With the new season showing more vulnerability from Daniel as well as a man on a mission to prove that he is worthy of so much more, Desean knows that season 2 will hit it out of the park.

Check out our interview with the Juilliard graduate where he talks about the parallels of The Morning Show to real media and more.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Apple TV


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