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Stylish Inspiration for Your Sophisticated Friend’s Bachelor Party

Have you got one of those friends who is effortlessly stylish and who seems to ooze charm and charisma wherever he goes? Now your sophisticated friend is tying the knot and settling down with surely as equally as charming and fashionable a partner, you are tasked with throwing the definitive bachelor party to wave goodbye to his single life. For a more refined yet equally hilarious, exciting, and bromance-bonding weekend,

Trips & Activities

One of the most entertaining and exciting parts of planning your best friend’s bachelor party is choosing the trips and activities he and the crew will involve themselves in. From ax-throwing and archery to golf and a tour of a brewery, with lots of learning and education based-enrichment before even more liquid gratification, there are a plethora of decidedly classier and somewhat upmarket activities to arrange for your sophisticated crew.

Keep Some Secrets from the Crew

Even though your best friend will have to be involved in some of the basic arrangements, for example, the date of the bachelor weekend to ensure he isn’t working, it is much more fun and enjoyable for everyone and the groom to keep the itinerary under wraps. For example, if you are planning on a fancy dress theme for the night out on Saturday, organize his own outfit yourself and only present it to him on that evening.

Work out a budget

If you have ever had to arrange a large group of people to do anything in the past, you will have already found out the hard way about the difficult and awkward subject of money, even amongst close friends.

Therefore, as soon as you have decided on the weekend’s itinerary, source your venue and activities and book them. Most places only ask for a deposit to secure your place, and then further down the line and considerably closer to the date of the bachelor’s weekend, they ask for the rest. It would be a good idea to collect all the money owed, both the deposit and the rest of the installment, from every man at the same time, making sure you either pay it all in one go or ensure to keep their money separate from your own.

Bachelor Entertainment

By far the most sensational, impressive, and, most wonderfully, relatively affordable way of ensuring your mate and his friends have unlimited amounts of beer and bubbly is to hire a complete waiter and bar service package for the evening from a professional, respected and experienced company such as who will provide an online quote for you in minutes.

Then, once the drinks have been endlessly flowing and all style and sophistication have, by that point, gone totally out of the proverbial window, now is the time to hit the clubs and leave all that refinery at home.

After all, it is his last night of freedom, after all!


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