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How to Enjoy Being Single in 8 Easy Steps

If you’re a relationship person, it’s likely that you’ll feel disorientated and unsettled when you’re single. That’s normal but it’s important to appreciate the time you spend alone as well as the time you spend in a relationship. Rather than jumping from relationship to relationship, why don’t you take the time to truly revel in your new lifestyle and enjoy being single in 8 easy steps?

Start Dating Yourself

After recently being in a relationship, dating may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s never a bad idea to date yourself. What we mean by this is taking the time to truly focus on yourself and the things you love doing.

Take yourself out to a nice restaurant, book yourself in for a yoga retreat, take the time to go out for a walk. Do whatever you're in the mood to do. All you need to worry about is yourself during this delicate time.

Travel The World

If you’ve always dreamt of traveling the world, now is your chance. You’re free of commitments and responsibilities. Take some time off work and book a ticket to the destination of your dreams.

Traveling is a great way to disconnect from your reality, reconnect with your true self and meet plenty of people along the way. Great places to go as a solo traveler include Spain, Thailand, and Croatia.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

When you’re in a relationship, it's inevitable that you spend less time with your loved ones and more time with your partner. You may not even notice that this happens, however, being single is a great chance to make up for lost time.

Reach out to those family members you’ve seen less of and shoot a text to the friends you’ve lost contact with. You’d be surprised to know how good a catch-up feels.

Explore Online Dating

A positive aspect of being single is that you have the chance to explore new avenues and meet exciting people. Don’t be afraid to explore online dating apps like Mega Personals that help you connect with other like-minded people in your area.

There’s a dating app to suit every preference and motive. If you’ve never used online dating sites, make sure to choose clear yet friendly pictures of yourself and keep your bio short but sweet.

Focus on Your Work

When you’re single, you become more focused on yourself. For many people, this means focusing on your work and leveling up career-wise. If you are a very entrepreneurial person, you could even take this time to start a side-hustle.

Being single means bettering yourself and taking the time to do the things you love. Put in some extra hours at work, pitch a new project to your boss, or take the time to attend networking events.

Find Your New Passion

You could even take this time to discover a new passion or reignite the flame for old passions that you gave up on. Take an intensive course for the music instrument you gave up on years ago or join a new arts and crafts group.

Whatever new passion you choose to explore, make sure you approach it with livelihood and enthusiasm. Dancing, writing, and even cooking are all great forms of self-expression.

Let Go of The Past

If you truly want to start enjoying being single, you’ll need to let go of the past. Harboring anger or resentment will only hold you back and bring you down. Even if your ex-partner has hurt or wronged you, it’s important to forgive them so that you can move on.

If you have trouble forgiving people, write down or talk out your feelings. Look at the positive side of things and just be honest when conversing. Learning to forgive and forget is a very important lesson in life.

Enjoy The Freedom

Finally, you should enjoy the freedom of being single. Sure, sometimes it can be tough to get used to, but you’ve got to be positive. Spend that extra time with friends, fully enjoy your morning stretch in bed, and take the time to truly focus on yourself.

If you’re not enjoying the single life at first, don’t worry, these things take time. Make sure you take some time off to heal from your breakup, just don’t forget to let go of the past. Whether you’re up for traveling the world, focusing on your work, or finding your new passion, try to approach everything with as much vigor as possible.

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