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Singer Shawn Foxx Shows That He Can Shine On and Off the Camera

Shawn Foxx is indeed a star in the making. From going viral on social media to singing his heart out and being a casting director with his company DV Casting Agency, Shawn is showing us that multiple streams of success are possible. Coming from the successfully viral group Exit 21, Shawn already knew what it meant to work hard and go all out for that mainstream success that many strive to achieve. He is a gentleman that is for the culture!

During a recent interview, Shawn talks about his new single, past successes, and what it means to not only be the shine in front of the camera but to also make an impact behind the scenes as well.

You went from being a part of the viral group Exit 21 to going solo, how was the transition from the group?

It isn’t much change on the creative side. Besides the music, we all played a role in the group and my role was doing the social media marketing and creating content that will entertain our fans and also bring more followers to our attention. The only difference is now I’m doing it for one instead of four (laughs).

Not only do you sing, but you also are a co-owner of DV Casting Agency and have cast several music videos. What's the difference between being on screen to being behind the lens in the production seat? Which would you prefer to do more?

Yea, shoutout to my partner Desiree Vanessa and our amazing casting team. It’s not easy but less pressure on me (laughs). Creating is effortless for me and I love doing it, so it’s never pressuring in my eyes. It’s more like play for me. In school, you never felt pressured going to recess right? It’s kind of like the same thing. But to answer the second question It all depends on what I’m working on. Sometimes I love being behind the scenes and seeing the vision be created but other times as an entertainer some visions honestly can only be done by you. Like only you can see it and do it the exact way you want it.

As a gentleman of color, how important is it for you to give back to the culture?

It’s always been important. I’ve been giving back to the culture behind the scenes before social media & all the rapid changes. I’m big on seeing us win and becoming better not only in our careers but as a people. I strongly feel you get the energy you give out.

You received much success from your 2020 hit single In the Middle with over 280k streams. What’s the inspiration behind your upcoming sophomore single Shyco?

The success from In the Middle was a blessing considering “COVID Lockdown” occurred during my release which shut down my club runs and video shoot. But with “Shycho” the inspiration will all come into play thru creative content that relates to the meaning of the record. Which you will have to see and find out by following my Instagram & TikTok @FoxxAndDye & @Shawnfoxxtv. Stay tuned!


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