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NBA Star CJ Mccollum Purchases a 318-Acre Vineyard Property to Harvest His Own Wine Label

NBA star and entrepreneur CJ McCollum isn’t an amateur when it comes to the wine industry. He and his wife Elise made that very clear after they purchased a 318-acre property in Oregon, where they will create a world-class vineyard. This entrepreneurial investment speaks volumes as CJ just turned 30 and is an active player for the Portland Trailblazers. This new venture is also amazing as he signed the deal with his wife who was the person who introduced him to wine back in 2011.

In 2018, the McCollum’s partnered with Adelstein Vineyard to harvest their own wine label called McCollum Heritage 91, which debuted last year. “It felt like the right decision and the next step in our progression to grow and leave a lasting legacy” were the words McCollum used when speaking on their latest business venture. McCollum told Wine Spectator that he and his wife will be meeting with architects and developing vineyard management plans as it relates to what to plant first along with future plans. The goal is to start planting on the newly purchased property as early as 2022.

McCollum’s commitment to Oregon is now being displayed on and off the basketball court. He has even shown that same commitment through a lot of his philanthropy work. He now adds the interest in producing top-selling wines from the Willamette Valley to his entrepreneurial portfolio.

The ultimate goal for the McCollum’s is to turn their aspirations of developing a world-class vineyard into some of the world's best wines. The couple looks to grow together even more now that they have added this business opportunity to their legacy. The vineyard site includes a 5-acre reservoir, irrigation ponds and a nursery.

Be on the lookout for McCollum’s Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir dropping later this month.


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