How Can You Maintain Your Tesla?

Are you now the proud owner of a brand new Tesla? Did you save up or take out loans to be able to afford it? Do you want to learn to do basic maintenance and repairs so you will not have to spend all those extra dollars? Well, you have come to the right place!

Since you probably already know, Tesla is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cars. These cars are much more eco-friendly than petrol or diesel-powered cars. So congratulations on making a sustainable lifestyle change! You should be proud of yourselves. However, we all know how expensive Teslas can be. Getting their maintenance repairs done at a Tesla workshop can cost you even more unless you have paid for costly insurance policies.

If the issue you have does not look serious, taking your car to a Tesla workshop probably is not worth the cost. We have compiled a list of maintenance/repairs you can do yourselves.

Cleaning Out Brake Shields

Hearing unusual shrill noises or grinding noises while you are driving, even at regular speeds means there is probably some debris or rocks stuck in your brake shields. These should be removed as soon as possible even though they will not damage your breaks or cause them to fail.

Do not attempt this right after driving because your break may be really hot, you can end up burning yourself. Remove the cover and gently shake or push the