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Amazon Prime Video "The Boys" Releases New Music Video Feat. Jessie T. Usher

For two seasons, Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys has piqued the interest of the superhero world. Their portrayal of humanizing superheroes, showing them dealing with real-life emotions and displaying what it would be like if they used their powers for bad instead of good has captivated its audience.

A-Train, played by Jessie T. Usher, was once a part of "The Seven" and use to "fight crime" but it seems like he is taking his talents to the music industry. Amazon Prime Video has released a music video for the artists' track Faster. We thoroughly enjoy how this series crosses between fiction and real life. The song features Aimée Proal, is written by Christopher Lennertz, Isaac Lucas, Colton Fisher, Rebecca Sonnenshine and Jessie T. Usher and produced by The Math Club and Christopher Lennertz. The music video was directed by Munachi Osegbu.

Many of the details for the upcoming season have been kept under wraps but it looks like the series will follow suit of its past seasons with eight episodes; each episode being released every week. Eric Kripke, showrunner for the series, has been tweeting using the hashtag #YouAreNotFuckingReady. He tweeted in June, “Um. So. I've just seen dailies that are, by a mile, the craziest fucking dailies I've ever seen in my career. Or maybe anyone's career. #YouAreNotFuckingReady.” We can only imagine what this season will bring.

Check out the music video below.

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