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Forward Promise Awards $1.75 Million to the Healing of Boys and Young Men of Color

Support comes in many ways and it can be life-changing for some. Black men, like everyone else, can experience trauma at an early age and it can carry over into adulthood. The problem is there are not enough conversations and help around Black men and their traumas at a young age. One company is stepping up to support community organizations that help young men grow and thrive past their traumas.

The Moriah Group recently announced its Forward Promise initiative, which will be awarding $1.75 million to community organizations to support the healing of boys and young men of color (BYMOC). The decision to choose each organization consisted of the leadership, advocacy work, and overall partnership demonstrated by each group over several years. Dr. Rhonda Bryant, CEO of The Moriah Group and Director of Forward Promise, knows how diligently each organization works for children of color during the healing process and wanted to continue to show support.

​​“These organizations work tirelessly for children of color–healing the injuries to their humanity that society inflicts on them and fighting for justice on their behalf. In the face of heightened racial injustices and a global pandemic deeply impacting communities of color, more than ever, children and youth of color need to be materially and emotionally supported and barriers to their thriving must be addressed and removed,” Dr. Bryant states.

We all know that racial injustice continues to take place amongst our Black youth and these organizations need to support these young men at this time more than ever. Power creates positive change for children and this initiative is just the beginning of what could break traumatic cycles for the current and generations that follow. Young Black men should have the ability to go out into their neighborhoods and enjoy life. That innocence has been stripped away and it’s going to take a village to restore that happy place for them.

Forward Promise continues to seek out resolutions to ending racism while continuing to build up the Black men in the community. Learn more about the initiative here.

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