Expert Tips to Wear Jewelry if You Have Sensitive Skin

Wearing jewelry can be something of a nightmare if you have a sensitive skin type, as some materials can cause rash and irritation for prolonged periods. Fortunately, there are solutions.

It is best to first invest in a skincare routine that is suitable for all skin types. This type of routine can include an oats moisturizer lotion, vitamin C serum, sunscreen, and eye cream. With that said, when it comes to wearing jewelry without upsetting your skin, you should consider these expert tips.

Steer Clear Of Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is not for everyone, and it's especially not suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. This type of jewelry is generally made from cheap and inferior quality materials, often made from nickel alloy. Unfortunately, nickel alloy can turn skin green and all sorts of arbitrary colors. It's best to opt for sterling silver instead, and you can find a wide variety of jewelry in this suitable metal, even sterling silver best friend bracelets and just about anything else you can think of.

Choose The Right Metals

As mentioned above, cheaper metals such as nickel are simply not suitable. And with that said, you should take the extra step of carefully considering the type of metal before purchasing any jewelry.

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