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10 Must-Have Clothing Items For Men's Wardrobe

Christian Dior once said, “Do not buy much but make sure that what you buy is good." The words of one of the most influential designers of all time ring true to this day. The items listed below will surely keep you looking trendy and fresh, no matter the season or decade.

Here are ten clothing must-haves in menswear essentials that will keep you looking sharp, regardless of the occasion.

A Crewneck T-shirt

An iconic staple of American style, the crewneck is a comfortable and versatile tee that you can wear under a jacket or casually on its own. With a snug fit around the neck, this t-shirt provides plenty of flexibility and gives the wearer a toned, masculine appearance. You can combine plain shirts and a couple of Steven Rhodes designed shirts to add a variety to your wardrobe.

With its timeless charm and its low price, having at least neutral-colored crewnecks are a no-brainer.


Your casual but utilitarian get-up is complete with a fine pair of khakis. Opt for a well-fitting pair of pants: ideally, your khakis should have a mid-rise fit that comfortably hangs on your hips.

Although they are meant to be roomier than most other pants, a baggy pair makes you look clumsy and awkward. The pale brown chino is another versatile clothing item, making the wearer look both relaxed and well-knit.

Pair your khakis with a sweater for a trendy weekend getaway look. A casual t-shirt and sneakers make a crisp summertime outfit. If you are looking for semi-formal attire, pair your khakis with a solid or striped button-down shirt.

A Softshell Jacket

Stylish yet adventurous, the softshell jacket is a practical option for both athletic and casual use. Fangyuan custom soft shell jackets are lightweight and weatherproof, offering you good mobility and sufficient warmth at a bargain price.

The functionality of a softshell jacket depends on one’s personal preference between how weatherproof or breathable one wants it to be, so choose a layer that serves your purpose.

While softshell jackets are, by default, a light, and protective climbing layer, buying one with a trim fit and intentional features can transform this durable layer into an appropriate accessory for an evening in town.

A Plaid Shirt

The classic tartan pattern is an all-American look synonymous with fall fashion for men. A popular ‘90s trend, this pattern is so versatile that it is considered essential to every wardrobe. Regardless of personal style, a plaid flannel shirt is an effortless winter clothing option you will not regret owning.

Opt for classic colors like red, black, green, white, grey, and brown: for a casual and outdoorsy look, pair your flannel shirt with a solid T-shirt, some jeans, and rugged boots or sneakers.

For bigger or bolder plaid patterns and colors, pair them with minimal and neutral outfits to balance the look. The key to flannel is complementing your minimal clothing by enhancing your overall look: use some makeup brushes to highlight the contours of your face, so that the makeup part seems more natural. Add some accessories like a nice belt or a scarf, and your look is complete.

A Suit

Nothing screams professional and refined more than a well-fitting suit. Classic colors like navy, grey, and black are suitable for multiple occasions.

If you’re not keen on investing in a full-on suit, you can opt for a deconstructed blazer. A dark-colored blazer can double as a comfortable cardigan in the wintertime and a traditional suit jacket for formal occasions.

You can buy men’s suits online or have them custom-made in a bespoke tailoring shop. One advantage of visiting a brick-and-mortar tailoring shop is that you can see the actual look and fabric texture of the men’s suits. On the other hand, online men’s clothing shops may offer a wider fabric and design range to suit your taste. In addition, they may offer more affordable prices for their suit collections.

Before you check out online, read the listing properly, consider the fabric quality, size, and other essential characteristics that you’re looking for in a men’s suit. In addition, only buy from a trusted men’s clothing store. Read customer testimonials and check the product ratings on dedicated review sites and social media.

A Pair Of Comfy Sweatpants

Let’s face it: everyone needs a cozy pair of joggers for lazy weekends and long nights. A slim-fit pair of sweatpants is a modern look best paired with a comfy hoodie. If you’re all about substance,​​ opt for a pair of old-school fleece sweatpants to keep you warm and snug all day long.

Whether you want to do any arts and crafts this weekend or just chill with your friends and watch movies all day long, a pair of comfy sweatpants is your best friend. It’s very casual, comfortable, and light, perfect for lounging.

A Black Leather Jacket

A classic leather jacket is most definitely a must-have in your wardrobe. Make sure to invest in a high-quality one; a cheap one is conspicuously tacky and peels off unattractively before you have a chance to break it out.

A top-quality leather jacket is highly durable and adds a certain outlook to your ensemble, and can even make for unconventional formal wear.

An Oxford Shirt

This timeless white shirt suits pretty much everyone: the oxford shirt is the ultimate menswear must-have. Crisp and effortless, this shirt will guarantee you a dapper look all year long.

Pair your shirt with khakis, chino shorts, or dark jeans for a casual summer look. Wear your oxford shirt under a cardigan or jumper to stay warm in the winter. Additionally, this shirt can complement a tailored suit and tie for formal to semi-formal in place of a dress shirt.

A Sturdy Pair Of Dark Jeans

Men always have great denim options. A pair of jeans symbolize his active and casual lifestyle. This on-the-go clothing can be a lifesaver for an on-call night out with friends at the bar or a road trip. Hence, it’s a must to have a sturdy pair of dark jeans ready in your closet.

A solid pair of slim-fit indigo jeans allows you to dress up when paired with a navy jacket and to dress down with a casual sweatshirt. There is practically nothing that doesn’t pair well with a sturdy pair of selvage jeans.

A Utility Jacket

The utility jacket makes for a great staple to have in any wardrobe because of its versatility and lightweight design that has just enough insulation to keep you warm in the winter.

A tightly-knit utility jacket is both durable and weatherproof. As an all-season jacket, it provides enough ventilation and breathability to make it a must-have in your wardrobe.

Navy Blue Trousers

Navy blue trousers are famous for their wardrobe versatility. Wear them with solid white t-shirts and sneakers or with a denim jacket and trainers if you’re looking to dress down. Otherwise, you can pair them with a blazer or shirt for effortless workwear.

Giorgio Armani famously said, "The difference between style and fashion is quality.” Investing in a few but high-quality items of clothing ensures that your style eternally remains at its finest.

Try to choose your clothing with deliberate reflection–– they are a reflection of personal taste and can also influence the way you think and see yourself.

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