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Your Guide To The Perfect Gentleman's Pad

Next Level Design: Creating a Modern Gentleman’s Pad

“A man's home is his castle,” — Sir Edward Coke

Your home is likely the safest, most sacred space that you have in the entire world. Not only is it

where you cook, eat, sleep, relax, and pass time, but it’s also where you entertain friends and

partners. This means that, whether or not you like it, your home is, to a great extent, representative of who you are as a person.

When you can tell that a person has put care and effort into curating an aesthetic and homely

environment, it speaks volumes about their sense of self-respect and their respect for others. Good taste does not equate to wealth. It can simply be a marker of a decent level of maturity, intelligence, and independence.

If you’re keen to create the ultimate gentleman’s pad but aren’t too sure how to achieve an

elegantly masculine aesthetic, we’re here to put you on the right track.

These tips will help you curate your space to show off what you want the world to see.

Be Uniquely You

Just like the clothing in your closet should reflect your personality, so too should your gentleman’s pad. Don’t be scared to put your own stamp on your space and to embrace your creative side. A good idea is to decide on a theme that you feel correlates with your tastes and lifestyle and work from there. By all means, draw inspiration from catalogs or magazines, but include your own creative input too. If you simply copy-and-paste what you’ve seen elsewhere it won’t be a true reflection of you.

Take the time to shop around for furniture and décor that you love, that suits your space, and that ties in with your theme. Choose artworks that reflect your tastes too and a color scheme that you truly like. After all, you want your home to express your essence—allow your special and unique characteristics to shine through.

Good Lighting Is Essential

Never forget, lighting sets the mood. You can have the most luxurious and elegantly curated

apartment, but if you install tacky white fluorescent lights or a single dim lamp to light up your living room, you’re bound to do the space injustice. Harsh overhead lighting famously kills any smidgen of romance. Go for a classier, more atmospheric option such as an adjustable standing lamp with a warm yellow LED bulb. Find the balance between gentleness and effectiveness.

You don’t want to squint in the darkness to make out what you’re eating, nor do you want to feel

like you're in an operating theater when you flip the light switch. Try having a variety of lighting

options in each room to support various occasions and moods. The ambiance you create will speak volumes.

Don’t Neglect The Windows

One of the biggest mistakes men make with home décor is leaving the windows bare. Even if you’re in a high-rise apartments for rent in Indianapolis, neglecting to have some sort of window treatment is a no-no. Blinds, curtains, or shutters offer extra privacy, create a feeling of warmth and insulation, and reduce light and noise. Blinds are a great choice as they’re subtle yet provide adequate coverage. But if you truly want to make your space look ultra-chic, heavy drapes in a textured fabric, pinstripe, or plain color add warmth and depth.

Add A Green Touch

Although people are often somewhat intimidated by the prospect of caring for indoor plants, a bit of greenery brings life to any space. Having some plants will make your gentleman’s pad feel

simultaneously homely and elegant. It shows that you’re capable of love, care, and responsibility, which is bound to impress anyone you bring home.

You might even choose to set up a small herb tray on your kitchen windowsill. If you get this right, you could have an endless supply of basil, thyme, coriander, and mint available at your fingertips.

Be Practical

As much as we all have grand ideas about what we want our home to look like, a decent dose of

pragmatism is paramount.

For example, if you enjoy entertaining and have a small bar filled with premium wines, a spotless

white carpet is a risky choice as spills are part and parcel of any bar. Similarly, if you’re an avid chef, a wooden countertop isn't that easy to keep clean, and burn marks, scuffs, and knife scars will show up all too clearly. You want your space to feel cozy and be beautiful, but you also want to ensure that you can maintain and clean it. Choose your decor to match your lifestyle and to keep your place looking in tip-top shape.

Spatial Awareness

You can have the most exquisite furniture, but if you don’t have a knack for spatial composition,

then your modern gentleman’s pad could end up looking tasteless. You want the seating in your living space to feel simultaneously spacious and inviting. Putting chairs and couches close together could make you and your guests feel cramped and claustrophobic, but placing them on opposite ends of the room could create a slightly hostile atmosphere. Similarly, it’s often deemed poor taste to open your bedroom door straight onto your bed. Rather, place your bed against the adjacent wall or corner.

Take Your Time

It’s important to remember fashions and your taste will change as time goes by. Don’t rush into

kitting out your entire home within the first month. This will result in your space reflecting who you are at that very specific moment—not who you are holistically. When you collect furniture and decor over time and from various life experiences, your home will feel much more authentic. This is ultimately what will set your modern gentleman’s pad apart.

Look for inspiration online, in hotels, restaurants, and any other venues you visit. If you’re still at a loss as to how to create your ultimate gentleman’s pad, consult an interior designer. A little bit of expert advice can go a long way towards bringing out the best in your home.


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