Courage in Conflict: A Black Journalist’s Perspective of 2020

Last year was one for the books and amidst the upset of daily life, caused by the pandemic and civil unrest due to police brutality, journalists were there to keep the public informed in uncertain times. News 12 Brooklyn reporter Phil Taitt was in the eye of the storm when covering tragedies and the global health crisis that brought the world to a standstill.

He lends his expertise and insight in a conversation with The Quintessential Gentleman on reporting news stories in dark times, and the unique challenges that arise as an African American journalist.

When reflecting on the challenges of reporting a news story that must be presented objectively to audiences, and remaining grounded throughout daily experiences as a man of color, Taitt said, "I stay grounded first as a Black man by choosing to live my life with integrity and a life filled with purpose. By doing that, I can face any issue, obstacle, or challenge with clarity and a sound mind. As a journalist, it is not my job to share my opinion. My job is to share the narrative while balancing the story with both viewpoints of how someone may feel on a particular issue."

After being confronted with sensitive topics such as racial injustice, Taitt chooses to approach these issues by focusing on the facts and gaining opinions from whatever party is willing to share their perspective with him.

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