'Black-ish' Star Marcus Scribner Covers Our 2021 Culture Issue

Since as far back as we can remember, our CULTURE has been responsible for creating some of the world’s most notable trends. Whether it’s hair, clothing, or music, our influence can be seen and felt around the world. It’s no secret that we’ve rarely received the credit we deserve, so the responsibility lies on the media, such as our platform, to inform, educate and uplift.

Our CULTURE issue aims to do just that. We are bringing you some of the CULTURE’s most influential people, experiences, and stories. In this issue, you will learn about Black-ish’s impact on our society in our exclusive one-on-one with Marcus Scribner. The cover star had this to say about Black-ish, "our goal is really to uplift young Black voices and bring them to the forefront of the media and tell their stories and share their experiences."