Turned Gentleman: Starz P-Valley's Nicco Annan

The Quintessential Gentleman continues its digital fashion series, Turned Gentleman, spotlighting the new and next wave of cultural disruptors. This series features the rising talents of today who are impacting the world around us. A Turned Gentleman is confident, distinguished and a rule breaker. We explore their stories through their lenses and learn of the inspirations that have molded them. From their communities and upbringings, they've embraced the culture that influenced their style.

Nicco Annan is an actor that is causing waves in the entertainment industry. In his role as Uncle Clifford on the hit show P-Valley, Annan has pushed boundaries with regard to culture, fashion and gender expression. The Quintessential Gentleman had a chance to speak with Nicco about his career, personal style and the impact he hopes to have on the culture.

How did you get your start in entertainment?

I got started like a lot of artists - in school plays. My mother will tell you that the first play I was in was ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ for kindergarten, then I played Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 4th grade. I was in dance classes in middle school, which led to improv classes, which transferred into theater. One of my first professional auditions was actually for Dangerous Minds with Michelle Pfeiffer.

You were born in Detroit. How would you describe your experience growing up and how would you say that experience impacted you?