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Rapper Symba Talks About Work-Life Balance, the Glorification of "The Streets" and more

To close out our Black Music Month series, in partnership with Warner Music Group, our Editor-in-Chief Eric K. Thomas spoke with recording artist Symba.

Born in the Bay Area, Symba started rapping at the age of 15. His flow and freestyle abilities have been compared to Rap giants like Jay-Z and Fabolous. He released his Don't Run From R.A.P. [Responsibilities and Principles] in 2019 and his flow caught the attention of LeBron James who said the West Coast Rapper is "next." From there, Symba doesn't look like he will be taking his foot off the gas and recently released his latest song Don't Condone.

Check out our interview with Symba where he talks about how he got into the industry, his work-life balance as a father and the glorification of "The Streets."


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