President of Raedio Tells Us Why It’s the "Summer of Raedio"

Insecure is a show that bleeds for the culture! With the super talented Issa Rae as the star, she makes the show truly what it is. We know Issa has a strong team behind her and that includes the talented and innovative Benoni Tagoe. As the president of Raedio, a platform that is home to a dynamic roster of talent reaching across film and tv projects, commercials, and podcasts, Benoni brings talent, music supervision, and creativity to life on several media platforms. Standing behind his statement “we’re creators first”, his vision transcends into the life of the productions supervised by Raedio and it shows how Raedio is the platform where creatives can thrive.

From a background of music working with the likes of The Jonas Brothers and Mindless Behavior, Benoni shows that as a Black man, the stereotypes don’t have to be against you. In his words, you truly make you who you are, so walk into the room and make your purpose and status known. He is a man of dignity, success, and most of all a Black man for the culture!

Creating platforms for the culture is something that’s imperative these days. With the birth of Raedio, you are creating a space for musically creative individuals to shine. What does leading this organization mean to you?

We’re creators first. I started back in 2011 with Issa when working on the Awkward Black Girl series and we always knew that Issa had the talent and that we had the vision to do things. Unfortunately, we weren't given the opportunity. In that, we had to create those opportunities and get those wins ourselves. Once we were able to do that, we made it a mission to create opportunities for others. When we created Raedio, we aimed to do just that. We already had a stronghold on TV and the Web, but we wanted to focus on creating opportunities for music. I started out working for the Jonas Brothers and Mindless Behavior, so music has always been in my background. With Insecure, we were providing a platform for a lot of artists because we loved their sound and we wanted to get them those looks. With Raedio, we wanted to create a company that would provide those platforms and opportunities for individuals who didn’t know how to take that first step to get into the music industry. We created it because these artists deserved it because of their talent and the work they put in to get to the next level.