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[Giveaway] Have a Safer, Sexier Summer With Trojan Condoms

Lockdown is over and if you've paid attention, the new term "Hot Vax Summer" is taking over in preparation for the world reopening. For those planning to get it in this summer, Trojan is making it easy to enjoy while maximizing pleasure AND protection. Enter to win the Trojan, Bareskin, Ecstasy, and Ultra Ribbed condoms. The Trojan brand is excited to release the new Ultra Fit condom. The Ultra Fit aims to ‘level up’ the ordinary condom experience by offering four unique shapes. Trojan's varieties are designed to offer different experiences and customized to appeal to anyone and everyone, proving that a better fitting condom means a better feeling, and ultimately, better sex.

  • BARE FEEL: Level up your lifestyle with sex that’s so good, you’ll forget your wearing a condom. Bare Feel condoms are designed to feel like there’s nothing there. Feel the pleasure, not the condom with the product that features a snug base, spacious body, and a relaxed fit.

  • FREEDOM FEEL: Need to take things up a notch in the bedroom? Freedom Feel condoms give you more freedom to dial up the sensation. Choose a condom that provides an uninhibited sensation and has a roomier body for more feeling and fun.

  • SENSITIVE TIP FEEL: Craving a little extra sensation? Let ULTRA FIT™ condoms help you find your swagger. Sensitive Tip Feel is designed to provide dedicated pleasure, right at the tip. Get heightened stimulation where you want it most with a condom that features a unique form-fitting tip and contoured shape for focused pleasure.

  • COMFORT FEEL: Tailor-made for comfort and feel, Comfort Feel is a more comfortable condom all around. Designed with a slight taper for smooth and sensual pleasure, gently flared so you can feel the intimacy, created to help you stay close and in control.

Enter to win below.


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