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Will Walters Celebrates Black Fathers with "Kings in The Kitchen" Series

Inspired by publications such as Savoy and Uptown Magazine, Will Walters wanted to join the market to create a publication that widened the scope of who we as Black people could be by seeing what we could become.

When he created Monarch Magazine, he wanted the name to symbolize Black people's return to appreciating the royalty within themselves and reflect that to the world. Over the years, he has laid a foundation for him to be proud of and a lifestyle that people looked forward to. During the recent pandemic, many people decided to expand their platforms to include more virtual conversations and Will was right with them. Will, along with his Chef Cynthia, created "Culinary and Conversations", which is a segment where they bring on influential people to have conversations over food.

Eventually, the idea for the culinary conversations grew, and the decision was made to create something to celebrate Black fathers and "Kings in the Kitchen" was birthed. The goal of the series is to speak on conversations that fight against the stereotypes of Black fathers. They will discuss family, fatherhood, finances and more.

"We are using our efforts to paint our own narratives," says Will. The 3-part series will air June 17-19, 2021 and feature Percy "Master P." Miller and Romeo Miller, The Chi's Curtiss Cook, and Singer Eric Benet.

“We believe Black men are the foundation and backbone of the community. Fighting an uphill battle against numerous myths & negative stereotypes,” Will states.

Tune in to the special tonight at 6:00 PM ET.


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