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Troy Gunn Shares the Male Perspective of Candle Making

When you think of candles, you think of smells, the mood it puts you in, and your favorite brand but rarely do we think about the actual people behind some of our favorite candle brands. Troy Gunn, one of the founders of the Simply Naked Candle Company (SNCC), is aiming to create a brand that he can be proud of while creating a lifestyle that customers can be happy to support.

During its inception, SNCC used to go by a different name and had other owners. While working with R&B Superstar Sammie who was looking for new business ventures, Troy proposed the idea of him being a partner of a candle company. Eventually, Sammie created his own signature candle under the line and after creative differences between the former owners, they parted ways. Troy started to become interested in the business and when the opportunity presented itself to be an investor and partner, he took it and joined forces with Shante Smith to create the Simply Naked Candle Company. Like me, If you wonder what is the significance of the word naked, here's the answer; "Why are our candles naked? Because they are transparent, clean, and mellow fragrances and most importantly they smell like they could very well be your natural scent."

With any company, you face your share of obstacles. "I didn't know anything so I learned everything and I'm still learning. I see now that everybody is trying to make candles but you have to know the science behind creating candles. Know the correct wicks to use in the vessels, the amount of wax, and the fragrance ratio you chose for candles." says Troy. One of Troy's other mains obstacles was ensuring that Simply Naked Candle Company was completely trademarked for usage in business. Another was becoming a Black man who was respected in the industry. He really wants the brand to transcend beyond color, race and gender. They want to make their candles a lifestyle. They plan to influence the lifestyle with creative names and the people they partner with. "I make it a part of my life with meditation and creating a relaxing environment with our candles," says Troy. During the last year, companies had to discover creative ways to stay afloat and SNCC did just that with their home candle-making kits and creating scents that were specially requested by customers.

As Troy and the team prepare to open its second location, he shares that he is excited because it will be in downtown Atlanta. The new location will be more of a candle lounge than a store that will feature a stage and a bar. Not only will you be able to create your candle, but you will also get to enjoy live entertainment while you sip, wick and wax.

Grab your piece of the Simply Naked Candle Company Lifestyle here.


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