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"Cruel Summer" Actor Allius Barnes Shares His Perspective on How to Make It in Hollywood

Getting his start in the Nickelodeon TV series Sam & Cat was just the beginning for rising star Allius Barnes. As his career grew, he would go on to appear in hit shows such as Chicago P.D., PEN 15, Snowfall, and now the hit teen drama, Cruel Summer. Barnes also made his big-screen debut in the Nate Parker film American Skin. In an interview with QG, he discusses his journey as an emerging actor in Hollywood.

At a tender age, Barnes realized that being an actor would become his career path. Acting captured his interest early in life, and although he was fascinated with many art forms during his childhood, this remained the most prominent.

"I think naturally, life just takes its course," Barnes reflects. "When you feel it, you’ll know it... the feeling of living in your purpose."

Barnes kindly agreed to share a bit of insight into his character Vincent Fuller in the Freeform teen thriller Cruel Summer.

"Vince is Jeanette Turner’s very empathic and wholesome best friend," he said.

"He’s the third musketeer matching Mallory at Jeanette’s other hip. The falling out of the three friends sends Vince down a path where he discovers parts of himself he otherwise never would have. Nonetheless, through all of the drama, he sticks by Jeanette’s side every year. He is just the perfect friend, honestly."

When looking back on the array of characters he portrayed thus far, he valued every unique role and embraced the challenges that accompanied each one but felt most connected to Vincent Fuller.

After contemplating what his dream project might be, Barnes said, “I try to stay present. My dreams and visions fluctuate, so it’s the only way I know how to keep going. If I set out for one specific vision or dream project for the rest of my life, I think I’d count myself out of a lot of blessings."

As with any endeavor in life, challenges will arise, and the entertainment industry is no different in that regard. As a young emerging actor in Hollywood, Barnes understands this very well.

"It's a tough business," he admits.

"Not acting but art as a whole. It’s easy to feel happy when you’re working and living for that purpose, but the key is finding happiness outside of those things. When the creative streak runs out, you’ll have a solid foundation- falling right back down to happiness. If that’s where you started to begin with, get me?"

On the set of Cruel Summer, Barnes fondly remembers his time spent in the video store.

He shared many memorable moments with his co-stars Chiara and Harley.

"It’s called “Rent2nite” on the show, and it's where my character works," he explains. "So most of the scenes I shot were there.”

In the future, Barnes hopes to explore aspects of storytelling through different creative media to share his vision with the world. Until that day arrives, he'll continue to focus on his flourishing acting career and remain hopeful for whatever new opportunities arise to express other forms of creativity.


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