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Carlos King Talks His Full-Circle​ Moment with His Latest Show 'BET Presents The Encore'

The crown is heavy, but not too heavy for the proclaimed King of Reality TV, Carlos King. The super producer is back with his latest venture, a music reality show that takes our favorite ladies from popular girl groups of the 90's/00's golden era of R&B music, and puts them under one roof with a goal of producing a collaborative album. What could go wrong? "This is the most dramatic experience of my career," King says of his new show. BET Presents The Encore, premieres tonight, June 9th at 10 pm ET, and it will surely have the Twitter universe pounding away at their phones.

A fan of girl groups himself, King says that he shot this pilot seven years ago with no luck. It wasn't until a viral clip that showed an intense moment between two of the cast members, Kiely Williams of 3LW and Farrah Franklin of Destiny's Child, which garnered the attention of actress Gabrielle Union and Oscar-winning Director, Matthew Cherry, did people start to take notice, begging for this show to be real. Carlos knew the show would work back when he first conceived the idea, and now that the world has finally caught up to his vision, BET is ready to put its name behind the exciting new project.

Hosted by the one and only Cita of the popular Cita's World video count down show of the 90's into the 00's, yes, the virtual reality host, voiced by Kali Troy, The Encore seeks to give our favorite singing ladies another shot at making timeless music. "Yes there will be music, and the music is good," King explains, making sure naysayers who only think this show is for drama understands that the show offers much more, "Now you have to watch all 10 episodes to see who actually makes the music," he teases.

The Quintessential Gentleman caught up with the busy producer to discuss his new show, his career, his top 7 Reality T.V stars of all time and much more.

Check it out.


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