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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard With These Projects

Summer is the season of grilling, patio happy hours, and backyard hangs. This makes it the perfect time to show off your sweet backyard setup, if you have one. If you don’t have a nice backyard, however, it might be time to give it an upgrade. Take your backyard from boring to awesome with these 4 projects.

Plant a green oasis

If you’re hoping to use your yard for entertainment, you have to first make it a space that you and your loved ones want to unplug and spend time in. This means investing in the aesthetics of your yard. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul. A little targeted planting can turn a drab backyard into an attractive oasis. To put it plainly, if you didn’t already become a plant dad over the last year, now is the time.

When planting, you’ll want to consider the space in your yard, as well as the amount of sunlight. For the best advice, we recommend going to your local plant nursery and talking with a professional about what plants are best for your area. Planting non-native plants can be bad for the environment and for your water bill. No need to install an entire sprinkler system for a few plants that won’t do well in their environment.

Change up your landscaping

Take your backyard to the next level by changing up the landscaping features. If you have a large backyard, it’s easy for the space to feel large and sparse. Professional landscapers know this, which is why they often use walkways and other landscaping to create a flow to a backyard. With a little bit of research and handiwork, you can do this yourself without paying for the labor. Something as simple as creating new walkways with epoxy stone flooring can help give your backyard space a clean, updated look. You can also use paving and landscaping to create a semi-separate entertainment space, for a table or chairs and of course, your electric, charcoal, or gas grill, allowing you to host fun and comfortable outdoor hangs, without the need for a patio.

Build a personal pizza oven or a smoker

If you’re a foodie, you know that nothing is better than food cooked over an open flame. You probably already have a grill, but one easy project that can bring your food game up a notch is building a DIY pizza oven or meat smoker. Whether you buy a kit or build from scratch, a pizza oven or smoker will not only produce delicious food for you and your family, but also add value to your property. Who doesn’t love a fresh baked pizza with that wood-fired crust? Bonus: These come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the design that best fits the space and your personal design preferences.

Convert your shed into an outdoor office

The past year changed many things about our daily lives, not the least of which is the boom in the availability of remote jobs. If you, like many people, have moved entirely or partly to working from home you know how important it is to make your space work for you. But working from home doesn’t have to mean working inside your home. Converting a shed into an indoor/outdoor office or workspace can help bring back some of the work-life balance that many Americans are missing these days. By either sprucing up your existing shed or building one, you can make use of the space you already have, while also adding a separate and distinct workspace. Not only will it look great, but it will also be great for your mental health and productivity.

Any one of these projects can help transform your backyard space for the summer. All you have to do is pick one and get started!

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