Corey Ivory Creates the "Culture Experience" We Can All be Proud of

Being a Black man in America hasn't been easy and oftentimes the images we see put out by mainstream media are anything but flattering. Corey Ivory, a man with a great creative mind, wanted to do his part to create a change in how our culture is viewed while educating the world on some of our greatest accomplishments. Corey started off as a used car salesman but during those years he did event planning, interior design, and more on the side. Realizing none of these were part of his calling, he started to create something that could challenge his abilities and he could look back and be proud of. He wanted to bring the community something that they could be proud of so he dug into his memory bank and curated sets from the different visuals of our lives and put them into one space; thus creating The Culture Experience.

Culture Experience Facebook

Culture Experience is an interactive photo exhibit that highlights moments in history, community, nostalgia, and pop culture. From the late-’90s iconic SO SO DEF Billboard to the historic celebration of HBCU Homecoming, the interactive photo exhibit takes you on an expansive journey through more than 20 milestone moments.

Originally launched in Houston, Texas, he opened to an overwhelming response. Planning to only host the exhibit for a month, the participation allowed him to continue for the remainder of the year. Motivated from the Texas opening, he planned to move the experience to Atlanta, Ga. Being in the heart of Black History, the Atlanta response was nothing short of amazing mostly because of the vibrant exhibit but also because the city needed something to make them smile, make them proud and of course something they could grab some good social media content around.