Hill Harper Launches the First Black-Owned Digital Wallet App in North America

Actor and best-selling author Hill Harper recently announced the launch of The Black Wall Street, a Black-owned digital wallet application; the first in North America.

The release of this app is Harper's attempt toward moving the country closer to closing the racial wealth gap in the United States.

"With the Black Wall Street technology, we seek to make obsolete payday lenders and other financial predators plaguing our communities, while simultaneously creating cross generational wealth transfer, for people who have historically been taught to work for our wages instead of making our wages work for us," Harper said.

“Our technology seeks to replicate the brick and mortar Black Wall Street, as a digital ecosystem that will galvanize the financially excluded and directly stimulate the economic growth and spending in marginalized communities everywhere.”

For The Black Wall Street, Harper is partnering with Najah Roberts, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange expert.

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