These HBCU Grads Are Delivering Alcohol to Your Door With QuikLiq

When two HBCU Grads and fraternity brothers have an idea, the world better listen. Navarr Grevious and Mikael Pyles founded QuikLiq while attending Clark Atlanta University in 2011 and officially launched to the public in 2018. The two college friends turned business partners have built a game-changer for the alcohol industry. QuikLiq is a digital platform for wine, beer, and spirits delivery that operates out of Miami, Florida, and will be expanding to Georgia in early 2021. QuikLiq is the first Black-owned online alcohol marketplace and seeks to make ordering alcohol easy and convenient while being committed to growing a culture of drinking responsibly.

The Quintessential Gentleman caught up with co-founder, Mikael, to talk QuikLiq's growing brand and early beginnings.

What was the inspiration behind creating QuikLiq?

Have you ever been at a party or social event where everyone is having a great time, but then the alcohol runs out? When this happens it can ruin the energy of the party, and on top of that, no one wants to leave the party to go get more alcohol. This scenario happened in 2011, when Navarr and I were at a social gathering. We realized that there was a huge void in the market for an on-demand service that could deliver alcohol right to your door. QuikLiq was created to fill that void—and many more!

How has your upbringing shaped the way you do business?

I would not be the successful businessman that I am today if it weren't for my incredible upbringing. Although my parents were not wealthy, they were both hard-working, loving, and ever-present role models in my life. They made sure that I had every opportunity that any other kid had, and nev