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Celebrate Earth Day By Following These Plant Dads

Whoever said this was a generation of people who can do anything they put their minds to, they were absolutely right. Caring for plants or "Having a Green Thumb," as most of us heard from our elders, is not only something for the women in our lives to enjoy. Men have taken an active effort and passion in enjoying our green leafy friends. #PlantDads as they, I mean, we are so affectionately called have become all the rage across the world. As Cirilo Manego says "Anyone can buy a plant but it takes a special person to respond to the responsibility". Today, in honor of Earth Day, we celebrate a few of our fellow plant dads who are sharing some inspiration and tips.

As someone who loves a beautiful plant, I can tell you that water and light are the two most important things to consider when maintaining. You want to be sure to never underwater or over-water a plant. You also want to do your research regarding the plant you have so that you can provide the proper amount of sunlight. With or without these two, you'll notice the difference in a plant's liveliness and longevity.

For more plant growth and maintaining tips, follow these guys. Thanks for making horticulture great again.


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