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Black-Owned Menswear Brand Brownstone Takes Nordstrom

As of late, the world of menswear has been experiencing something of a renaissance. From innovative takes on silhouettes, experimentation with fabrics and materials and the infusion of womenswear into the space, men have many more sartorial choices than our fathers and grandfathers. We also have a plethora of diverse, new design talent representing different generations, aesthetics and backgrounds. An example of this menswear new guard are twin brothers Warner and Waverly Watkins, designers for the Los Angeles-based brand Brownstone.

Worn by the likes of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Daniel Kaluuya and Tyrod Taylor, Brownstone is making waves in the menswear community. The brand’s bold outerwear, substantive knits and creative takes on classic streetwear have not only caught the eye of famous athletes and entertainers, but also big name fashion buyers and department stores. As such, it was recently announced that Brownstone’s Pre-Spring 2021 collection would be exclusively offered at retail behemoth Nordstrom.

The collection, which was inspired by mid-century artists David Stone Martin and Charles Eames, features signature pieces from the brand including washed-out tees and hoodies, as well as outerwear staples such as reversible bomber jackets. A microfiber, water-repellent track suit is also a highlight of the collection, in addition to the brand’s “Shadazz” pieces that take design cues from the work of Alan Vega.

Brownstone’s Pre-Spring 2021 collection is now available here and the brand’s Spring 2021 release drops on April 30, 2021.

Photos: Brownstone


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