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Actor Nick Creegan Talks "Law & Order: Organized Crime" and the Power In Preparation

It wasn’t luck that took actor Nick Creegan from his early days of journalism to internet sketch sensation to working alongside Hollywood heavyweights such as Oprah Winfrey and Christopher Meloni. It was Creegan’s desire to lean into his purpose by not only manifestation but also being prepared when the stars aligned. Born and raised in White Plains, New York, Creegan had an early love for public speaking, by way of watching interview-based shows with his grandmother. “I would watch Barbra Walters and see that she could get people to laugh, and I thought I could do that,” Nick describes his early love. His passion grew in High School, where he was involved in both the school’s newspaper and student television station. The acting bug came in the form of Nick’s mentor at the time, and now acting coach, P-Valley star Nicco Annan, who cast Nick in his short film. “I ended up doing the short film, but I still couldn't see myself being an actor, because who do I know that’s a paid actor?” Creegan explains, which also shows why representation matters.

Photo Credit: Nathan Johnson

Although for a moment Nick’s creative path was derailed with his decision to study pre-law, he quickly changed his tune and continued to follow his passion to study journalism. It was during this time that Nick landed a role at the university’s stage production of Cruel Intentions, which earned him great praise from the director and audience. Still, not thinking acting was a viable career, Nick continued to keep to his studies. With his journalism degree and now living in Los Angeles, Nick started his career working for Fox Sports and later became the host of AOL’s 2 Point Lead, an original sports comedy series. It was during this time that Nick married his love for journalism and his love for acting, by creating a sketch where he played NBA star Stephen Curry. The sketch went viral, also gaining the attention of Curry himself. With his eyes open to what could be, Creegan realized he should follow his passion for entertaining.

Photo Credit: Nathan Johnson

Our Managing Editor Justin D. Jenkins had the chance to dive in deeper with Nick about his growing career, creating his own lane, and his new show Law & Order: Organize Crime, premiering April 1st on NBC

Watch below.


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