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Michael Robinson's Passion Leads to the Creation of the Bingo-Bango Soda Brand

Finding joy in crafting and creating, Michael Robinson's determination eventually leads him to create the Bingo-Bango Soda brand. Although he was never really good at crafting brew, he started off creating homebrew in his mother's backyard. He realized after some years that his equipment could be converted into making craft soda. Not really a fan of soda, he always knew he would keep creating, trying different things, and failing but giving up was never an option.

Bingo-Bango Soda is the product of multiple business ideas that didn't work out. The inspiration to keep growing and persevering comes from how much folks seem to enjoy the product and this is a feeling that drives the man behind the brand. Being an entrepreneur, you have your share of growing pains. The biggest challenge for him was finding a lane and sticking to the plan. The beverage industry is pretty crowded, to say the least, so finding where Bingo-Bango Soda would fit in was tough along with creating an identity that was unique. Luckily, they have been fortunate to establish a presence and gain a following that really enjoys the product. Innovation continues to be the highest priority in helping Bingo-Bango Soda continue to grow. Executing new ideas for flavors, branding, marketing, partnerships and collaborations is what they have managed to take the most pride in. Having a great tasting product, keeping things fresh, and exciting for clients is something that will always be a focus.

When I asked Michael about the inspiration behind the name he said, "The brand name itself, Bingo-Bango comes from a phrase my grandfather would use to describe something exciting, creative, or innovative. His legacy embodied perseverance and that inspires me also. When he moved to NY from New Orleans he took a job cleaning bathrooms in the subway. This was New York in the 70s not the cleaner version of today. He worked hard every day, consistently, and with detail until he was able to work his way up to motormen! At the time it was rare to see a Black man driving your train. I worked at a brewery before I started Bingo-Bango and every time I moped the floor I thought of him, it brought me a great since of pride and patience. Even the original juicer used to make our craft soda was a gift to my mom from him before he passed away. I've been blessed to grow up around hard workers, creators, and entrepreneurs and it's almost all I know. My parents own Crown Trophy in Winston-Salem North Carolina and their awards business has been in our community for over 20 years. I literally was raised in their trophy shop, napping on the floor as a middle schooler watching my brothers and parents establish an incredible reputation in our city. My other brother owns Carolina's Vineyards & Hops also in Winston-Salem, it has been a pioneer in our states wine and craft beer industry for almost 10 years. Having the opportunity to work alongside him as a mentor was huge for my growth as an inspiring entrepreneur right out of college."

The future of Bingo-Bango Soda is fizzing up to be amazing. This Spring they are opening up nationwide shipping and this summer they plan to move into a larger production space, which will allow expansion into larger markets such as Atlanta, DC, Miami and New York City. Plans don't stop there because in 2022 they plan to be available in retailers all around the country and across the globe. Michael leaves us with this advice, "Be willing to sacrifice. Obviously, entrepreneurship can have its perks, but it's far from easy. You have to be willing to dedicate yourself fully not only to maximize your craft but also to master the ability to be physically and emotionally present in your family's lives. Obsession is okay in my opinion if you can figure out a healthy balance."

To learn more and to preorder, visit Bingo Bongo Soda online.


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