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Black Billionaires: The Richest Black Men in the World

If you've ever wondered who the richest Black men in the world are, you've come to the right place. We've identified the top three richest Black men on the planet, who are among the top 300 richest people in the world. After doing research on these men, we found that each one is a self-made billionaire, earning their wealth through their business practices instead of benefitting from family fortune. They are the CEOs of some of the most profitable companies in the world, which are companies they created.

Aliko Dangote, $11.4 billion

A Nigerian native, Aliko Dangote is a billionaire businessman and the richest Black person in the world. The owner of The Dangote Group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with many of its operations in Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Togo. Dangote originally established his company back in 1977 as a small trading firm. Today, the company does food processing, cement manufacturing, and freight, dominating the sugar market in Nigeria as a major supplier for soft drink companies, breweries, and confectioners.

Chief Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga Jr, $6.1 billion

The third richest person in Africa, Chief Michael Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga Jr. is a Nigerian businessman and the owner of Globacom, Nigeria's second-largest telecom operator, which has a presence in Ghana and Benin. Adenuga made his first million in 1979 selling lace and distributing soft drinks. By 1991, he was in the oil business, with the first indigenous oil company to strike oil for commercial purposes. However, his company Globacom is a telecom company with a presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

Robert F. Smith, $5.2 billion

Robert F. Smith made headlines not too long ago as the man who announced that he was paying off all student loan debt for the 2019 Morehouse College graduating class, which consisted of 396 students. A Denver, Colorado native, Smith is the founder, chairman, and CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm. He founded the company back in 2000 and it has more than $57 billion in capital commitments


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