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Signed By Mcfly Presents its Latest Unisex Collection

Despite the fact that New York Fashion Week is pretty much a no-go this season, brands have continued to find ways to show their latest collections. Black-owned brands in particular have had to figure out how to use technology to connect their audience to their products. One such brand is Signed By McFly, a streetwear label based in New York.

Photo: Signed By McFly

Designer Mugzy McFly recently presented his latest collection for Signed By McFly virtually, including an audience-less fashion show followed by a question-and-answer segment. The collection, which featured looks for both men and women, leaned heavily on athleisure as its anchor aesthetic. While there was plenty of Black and white for those who prefer a more paired down color-scheme, there were also pops of bright orange and army greens for customers that enjoy a bit of color.

Photo: Signed By McFly

After the show, the designer briefly discussed his inspiration for the line. McFly mentioned the desire to leave his name on the world, emphasizing this through the use of his logo on pieces throughout the collection. He also was heavily inspired by his experience of 2020, and the collection reflected how we finished a "difficult race." Designing unisex looks was also something important to McFly, highlighting that fashion today ultimately transcends gender.

Photo: Signed By McFly

If you would like to shop Signed By McFly, many of the recently shown pieces are already available for purchase here.


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